Better Fundraising

Better Fundraising:


  • Ongoing, year-round program means more earnings.
  • Provide a Healthy Fundraiser to inspire better lifestyle choices.
  • No collections, volunteers, or money handling, except to receive your donation!
  • Free program, no fees.
  • Direct to home shipping means no sorting or space needed.
  • Easy add on to existing fundraising efforts.
  • Chairperson/Program Organizer tools provided to help you promote program for better success.
  • No catalogs (less waste), no pressure, no deadlines, no inconvenience!


  • Secure online & mobile friendly makes it easy and safe to shop.
  • 15,000+ Natural Products: Means you'll feel good about supporting your group with items you really want.
  • Free shipping over $100.
  • No waiting 5-7 weeks to receive items, direct to your home shipping arrivals usually within a week.
  • Fair prices never marked up above Suggested Retail Price (set by manufacturers).
  • Monthly Sales with hundreds of items discounted.
  • Free program, no subscription fees.
  • Customer Service is important so we make it easy with Live Chat, phone, email and a 14-day return policy.
  • Monthly Newsletter containing health expert advice, articles & recipes.
  • Easy account set up, easy to navigate, easy to check out.


Types of Organizations/Groups:

Schools & School Groups

  • Public, Parochial & Private
  • School Advisory & Administration
  • PTA, PTO, PFA & Boosters
  • Preschool, Elementary, Middle & High School
  • Programs, Teams, Clubs, Field Trips, Art, Technology & Security
  • College Organizations & Teams

Youth Organized Teams & Groups

  • Scouts of America
  • Club Sports and Travel Teams
  • Youth Sport Teams & Leagues
  • Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Swim, Golf, etc.
  • Cheerleading & Gymnastics
  • Dance, Music, Band, Theater Programs

Faith Based Non-Profits & Church Groups

Animal Shelters & Rescues

National or Local Non-Profit Organizations & Charity Teams